Walking home


As the sun sets in the sky,
The birds return to their abode,
I too walk my way home,
After a day of toiling at the mill,

Its a long road, dry and bare,
My feet aches and my stomach growls,
But I keep walking steady,
As I know I’ll be home soon,

The leafless branches creak slowly ,
As the cool autumn wind blows,
The leaves that had held on bravely,
Fall from their last hope,

A little cottage at the end,
Yellow lights lit up the narrow path
Laughter of the children fill the air,
I rush forgetting my sore feet,
I was home at last,
Ah! Dear god i was home at last!



“Dream is my breath of air,

Like wings in the open sky,

Like diving in a deep wide ocean,

Like a song, like a dance,

Like a tune on the guitar,

 Like a wish that my heart makes,

Like a smile on my mother’s face,

Like a story that my soul loves,

Like a whole new universe,

 Like the sparkling eyes of a child,

Like falling in love with a stranger,

Like a drop of sunshine in winter,

Like a haunting ghost, like a shadow,

Like a dozen vodka shots,

 Like a hope to live, a destination,

Like home on the meadow,

Like a script of my movie,

Like a wand with phoenix feather,

 Without dream, a life is not lived,

Like a colonel without badges,

Like a hero without strength,

I shall dream till the very end,

No offense, my dear friend.”

Just like that ‘Haikus’……!!!!!

To write nice Haikus

While counting the syllables

Oh! Not so easy


Night sky, bright with stars

Crescent moon reigns’ the heaven

Ah! Eternal bliss


Dark, dark growling clouds

Solace from the may summer

Rain pours, heart frolics


Rain pours from heaven

Pitter-patter everywhere

Rhythm of my soul


Dark night, deep silence

Wide awake and deep in thought

His pen writes a tale


Crispy pakoras

Along with a cup of tea,

That’s my monsoon day


Seeking sweet nectar,

From one flower to another

Butterfly’s odyssey


Last day of exams,

Yes! Last question, Last answer

Final bell, pure bliss!!!!


Shrill voice breaks the quiet;

Into the night, lone owl’s flight

What a silly fright!!


Dark house, lonely road,

Not a living soul in sight,

Then who laughs so loud?