Monsoon in the ‘Bagh’

The thunder growled in anticipation of the storm. The shadow of the dark clouds had already spread over the red marbled courtyard. A cool breeze blew, bringing in the scent of rain. It had already rained somewhere. The cool breeze was a treat after the heat of ‘Delhi’ summer.

 Looking around, I could only see a few people; almost everybody had left for their classes or had hurried home seeing the weather. While I waited for the clouds to pour, the vehicles honked impatiently at each other on the road outside. The tall buildings looked longingly at the lazing courtyard, tired of its tedious routine. Maybe it wanted to break its window and let the cool breeze in!

 Every time I see this place it reminds me of an Italian Piazza. A rectangular area with a fountain in the center, around it is stone benches. It’s nice sitting there at times; the splashing water would send a cool breeze towards me which was always welcome in this heat and scattered around the courtyard is wooden picnic tables. People come here to have lunch, to chit-chat & to write. This is a good place to daydream as it was away from all the chaos and confusion of the outside world (at least it was mine!).

 At the other end of the rectangle there is an extension, a raised platform with pillars which was utilized as a stage during various events and on other days it’s used as a place to sit. And that’s where I was, sitting on the stairs leading to the platform. I was so preoccupied that the warm stone below didn’t seem to bother me much.

 On the other side of the platform was a face, the most interesting element here, a giant face that seemed to be deep in meditation. Its eyes could see the world, lips that could speak wisely, ears that could hear it all and a nose that knew all the beautiful scents. It seemed as if it was communicating with the ‘soul of the earth’.

 Suddenly, something moist and cold fell on my forehead and then trickled its way down. The clouds had finally given up, it was drizzling now. As the drops of water fell on the stone floor I could feel the heat fleeing from it.

 Ah! It’s raining. My soul was ecstatic. I breathed in the scent of wet earth, my mind was put at peace and unconsciously I smiled. Slowly the drops grew bigger and faster. I raised my head and let the rain fall on my face, welcoming the good old friend. Lost in the beautiful pitter-patter music of the rain, I was oblivious to my surroundings.

 In the distant my phone began to wail; pulling it out, I saw Nandini’s name flash. Knowing the obvious, I got up as I answered, “I’m in Charbagh…Coming in 5…”With a quick glance at the piazza, I dashed towards my class through the now heavily pouring rain.


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